Discover the blueprint to access your personal money code.

your moneycode: /ˈmənē/yôr,yoˈ - /mənē/kōd͝/: A personalized step-by-step blueprint that gives you a solid business foundation that brings in a consistent income doing WHAT you want, HOW you want to, and allowing you the opportunity to create multiple streams of income. 

You have a business and need to make money. In fact, it's just kind of stupid that you aren't. You're experienced at what you do. You know what you want. You've made money before.


You know it's possible You can see it...but you just can't seem to get it Branding Marketing

You can either settle for a business and income less than you deserve, or you can step up and FIGHT for what you know to be true.

Yes I said FIGHT - because anything worth having is worth fighting for. And your business and your success in it - to earn true freedom and happiness WHILE also retaining your self respect can be a CHALLENGE. 

But challenges aren't something to avoid. In fact, we are all facing a challenge in our lives. And when you decide you're worth it, YOU DECIDE.

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You’re doing everything you think is right... And so far it's been so WRONG.

Or not wrong, but dare I say MEDIOCRE???

And on the outside, it seems so great. But deep inside you wonder - is this it? Why am I working so hard and not getting what I want?

  • You’re an entrepreneur
  • A person on a mission
  • A business owner with a strong personal style
  • Someone who wants more than just average
  • You want to make the money you want doing what you love...and not compromise your value


  • Highly critical of yourself due to your high standards?
  • A bit of a perfectonist and have a tendency to try to do things so they are "right"?
  • Naturally creative with a ton of ideas of what you WANT to do that sometimes it’s hard to actually get them done?
  • A deep thinker and sometimes fall into self judgement because of your expectations and sometimes comparison to others
  • So much better (at least you think so) than how you think you appear on the outside?

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What does it take to have a business that let’s you show up as you and feels authentic and confident? A business where YOU DECIDE the rules?

Where you get to show up exactly who you are - and you still get what you want? Make the money you want? 

Where everything just seems so perfect - and you wonder - how did I get so LUCKY? 

It’s possible - and it’s simple, but not only easy.

It’s simple to have a business that reflects your big vision. To feel confident in your mission. And to own your uniqueness and self worth. To get PAID for being who you are.

But it’s not easy - you’ll have to make a decision. To not settle for less. To get out of your comfort zone. And to push yourself to grow.

Yes, you can have it all. It's found already inside of you.

Your brand can’t be a promise - it must be a promise delivered to make an everlasting impact. 

Money loves people who understand their unique value. It’s both the ART and SCIENCE of:

1. Mastering your mindset- uncovering and eliminating the blocks inside of you

2. Mastering your marketing - curating your brand story and so it becomes your strategic edge

3 Mastering your time so you don’t work harder but smarter

Marketing plan, business strategy, positioning, stand out

In Depth Workshop  

Proven Methods

Based on Science & Foundational Business Strategy

Shana Yao

CEO & Your Marketing Mastermind

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  • How to break through the beliefs holding you back so you are able to do what you need with confidence
  • Proven methods for attracting clients who need you and want to pay you 
  • How to avoid the common "No Client" trap that most businesses fall into and always have a steady flow
  • How to unlock all of the genius ideas in your head and position them into your powerful brand that screams YOU, attracts your raving fans, and has you feeling confident
  • Truly differentiate yourself from your competition and craft a unified message that intrigues prospects to want to know more
  • Uncover a niche market of willing and motivated-to-buy customers
  • Create a sales system that converts  

If you have ever said or thought:

“I wish I was earning enough money with what I love doing so that I can stop thinking about money..”

“I just want to create things that help people to be happy, to find their own way, to become themselves, fully.”

“I fear having to pretend i am somebody I'm not to be able to sell something. To fit it into something that feels small so it sells when it’s so much more.”

  • If that sounds like you, it's time to master your money code.
  • Discover the art and science of living up to your full potential and getting paid for being who you are.
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“Your training was phenomenal. 15 minutes in I said to myself OMG someone gets it. Someone really understands."

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What people who have learned my proven methods have said:

Super Awesome! I booked my first high paying client and drawing up the contract today!"

"I've definitely had an AHA...moment. This has given me a new perspective on what I am charging."

"I've put this on my routine list to listen to every day before I help others. It changed my life today. My post resonated and is being shared - WOW..."

"Just wanted to say how much you have impacted me. Crying tears of holy shitballs...yes!!!"

“I've done oodles of webinars and classes online and I have to say that yours was the most useful, logical, and REAL one I've seen! Maybe because I was ready for it today, but I cannot think of a better bunch of messages for me to hear!" 

“Your training was phenomenal. 15 minutes in I said to myself OMG someone gets it. Someone really understands."

SHANA YAO - Your Marketing Mastermind® - TOTAL GENIUS™

Hi, I'm Shana and as an award-winning Business Strategist with over 28 years of business and marketing experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive.

My clients are business owners that have talents and expertise beyond those that work with average, cookie cutter strategies. And without creating your own unique and effective marketing strategy that defines your niche, positions you as a leader in your industry, and creates a solid foundation of a profit generating business that connects and sells - you're left trying to compete with people who may just have a louder voice than you - and NOT the skills.

Don't let myths and statistics fool you. It is possible to earn a solid amount of money as an entrepreneur. You just have to be willing to do things differently, think outside of the box, and put in some work.

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