There is a "secret" formula to attracting followers on Instagram and if you aren't, you don't know the secret.

It's called CONFIDENCE 

not in what you do, but who you are. Out loud. 


INSTAGRAM. It's your favorite social media app. You love all of the pretty pictures and drool over the accounts with the huge following.

You have visions of having a following so you can monetize it - and let's be honest - selfishly you just want your numbers to grow. And so far, it's not working.

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Yup - I get it. Before I created my own #instaloveaffair I was stuck too. I had been in business a few years, posting regularly and could NOT get past 2000. 

But in just 4 months I organically grew my followers by over 10,000 people, had so much fun doing it, and accidentally actually found new clients, cleared my stressed out skin, and actually started to manifested the life I've always wanted.

I don't have hundreds of thousands of followers...yet - but that's actually what makes this your magic secret. I bypassed the system and now am growing by 500-1000 people a week. 

 Happy. Light & Free. And CRUSHIN' it on Instagram.

I'm different so I'm better.

Otherwise known as living a badass life and having people follow you because of it. I know - it's a weird concept but stick with me...

There is a "secret" formula to attracting followers on Instagram and if you aren't, you don't know the secret.

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It's called CONFIDENCE.

But not just in business or you work, confidence in being YOU, OUT LOUD. 

Look, confidence is attractive. And in order to attract your fans and followers, you have to decide YOU are the one you've been waiting for. 

 Instead of trying so hard to do what everybody says you need to do, #instaloveaffair is about taking what other people say to do and making it your own.

Why do you want to crush it on Instagram???

  • Because you want to attract your tribe of raving fans
  • You want to make money, get clients, meet new friends, and have brands clamoring to work with you and send you FREE stuff!
  • You’re tired of the disconnection and over saturation of Facebook
  • You love the vibe on Instagram
  • You want to make an impact and build influence
  • You want to start a movement (yes!)
  • You actually just want to do what you love and be appreciated for it. Is that too much to ask?

ARE YOU READY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH INSTAGRAM? Have your own #instaloveaffair 

I'll show you how, but you have to agree to:

Show up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself. From the time you wake up. To the time you go to bed. To the person staring you back in the mirror. Online in your business or job. Offline to your friends and family.


Instagram is a VISUAL APP. The human eye is naturally attracted to things it finds attractive and pleasing to the eye. It's the silent energy of CONFIDENCE. It makes people feel good. Here's the truth: #lookgoodfeelgood is REAL. 

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  • In the #instaloveaffair challenge, you'll discover:
  • How to brand yourself on Instagram
  • How to find your authentic voice 
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • What to post and how to communicate your style doing it
  • Which numbers really matter and how your numbers may be sending off a desperate vibe
  • How to use Instagram for business without looking salesy
  • How to bypass the algorithm and why other things that you've heard don't matter
  • How to authentically grow your following, own your expertise, and start turning what you love into a business & life you love 
  • Join the #instalovetribe (FREE) and you'll get an intro guide to the first steps of your #instaloveaffair (and get your free intro guide!) ==> 

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Straight from the challenger's mouths :

"Before this challenge, I was missing that part of sharing what I'm about it was like just outfits. I feel like now I'm opening up a little bit more and showing other aspects of my life. Thank you so much!! This is been life changing for me😍" - Marion

"You've helped me so much! I'm getting a clearer idea of my brand." Amanda

"What started on IG as interaction with friends/coworkers thanks to you has opened me up to seeing it as a way to connect with others who are more like me! who feel kindness is vital, and supporting each other helps everyone. Thank you so much for that! You are truly a loving giving person ( as well as a smart beautiful one!) and I'm so happy to have met you!! This has been an awesome experience! - Awbrey 

"I've definitely had an AHA...moment. This has given me a new perspective on what I am charging.

"Since reading your info and starting the challenge, my whole focus is changing. I really want to connect with people who get me and share similar passions and outlooks. I want to step up in being more open about my thoughts" - Awbrey

"My feed has totally changed. I can see a noticeable difference in theme, messages, images...Still working on it but feeling much better about posting" - Benita

SHANA YAO - Best Life Strategist - TOTAL GENIUS®

Hi, I'm Shana and as an award-winning Business Strategist with over 28 years of business and marketing experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive.

My clients are business owners, bloggers and people that have talents and expertise beyond those that work with average, cookie cutter strategies. And without creating your own unique brand and effective marketing strategy that defines your niche, positions you as a leader in your industry, and creates a solid foundation of a profit generating business that connects and sells - you're left trying to compete with people who may just have a louder voice than you - and NOT the skills.

Don't let myths and statistics fool you. It is possible to earn a solid amount of money as an entrepreneur. You just have to be willing to do things differently, think outside of the box, and put in some work. Join me for this game changing #instaloveaffair

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