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We work entrepreneurs and small business owners to guide you to develop a strong brand with strategies that get results and connects you to your target customers, with a team that supports your strategic vision and growth. 

Marketing is communication that gets results. 


Our team of experts have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners and personally understand the needs of business owners. We understand the overwhelm and stress of attracting clients and your desire to focus more on your creativity and expertise rather than business strategies & marketing. 


You're struggling to attact your target customers. There is so much to do and you're not sure what to work on next. And busy work is not bringing in the business.

Instead of feeling like you're constantly behind and that you're going to drop the ball on something in your business, you get to feel confident that you're doing the right thing and are handling everything with perfect consistency and accuracy.  

Your Marketing Mastermind is for you if:

  • YOU FEEL STUCK, OVERWHELMED AND NOT ATTRACTING CLIENTS - You're client attraction is inconsistent at best and your buried by the competition.
  • YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE RUNNING IN CIRCLES - You find yourself spending hours on things that aren't making you money - like marketing, updating your website, writing copy, sales pages - that need to be done but aren't what you do best.
  • YOU'VE SPENT COUNTLESS DOLLARS TRYING TO LEARN BUT IT'S NOT PAYING OFF - You've invested in pricey programs and courses, not to mention the TIME you've invested, and wind up only learning what you aleady know or confused. 
  • YOU'VE HIT AN INCOME CEILING AND HAVE A GREATER VISION BUT DON'T KNOW HOW TO BUILD IT - You're frustrated and you know you're only using part of your real skills. You're ready to go to you next level, but don't want to lose the audience and momentum you have.

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Shana Yao is an award-winning Business Strategist, specializing in helping entrepreneurs & small business owners to develop their brand story that connects them with your target customers and sells before you speak. She has proven expertise developing customized, effective initiatives and innovative approaches to brand development, and a strategic focus on the consumer experience, social networking, advertising, public relations, productive partnerships, events and promotions. She is a results-driven strategic marketer and with over 28 years of working with small and large scale retail companies, high end shopping centers, Rodeo Drive, and independent business owners.  

She leads the team of business experts specializing in Facebook Ad Strategy, SEO, Google Ads, and website online services. A lover of animals, Shana has raised over $50,000 for spcaLA and sits on the Board of Directors of the Animal Hope &&Wellness Foundation. Join her @total_genius on Instagram.

Our business IS your business.

 How can we help you?

  • DISCOVER YOUR BRAND DNA - So your brand defines your niche and sells before you speak.
  • ATTRACT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE - attract a loyal tribe of people you love, who respect you, want to learn from you, and want to BUY from you - because they GET you. Your words turn into your message that connects your ideal clients with you.
  • CREATE A MARKETING SYSTEM THAT FEELS EASY AND INTUITIVE - show up as yourself everyday because you know that is what people value about you and you value about yourself. You know how to speak it in their language and your website copy leaves them enraptured.
  • KNOW EXACTLY WHO AND WHERE YOUR CLIENTS ARE - You'll have confidence in your voice, and you understand how to reach them while trumping the competition.
  • STOP WASTING MONEY ON RANDOM LEARNING AND COACHING - Time is actually MONEY - and if you're wasting it doing and trying to learn things outside of your genius zone, you're not running a company - you're running in circles. There are people that are experts at what you need help with.
  • BECOME KNOWN AS A BRAND AUTHORITY - Establish your brand with your social media.
  • HAVE A TEAM OF EXPERTS SUPPORTING YOU SO YOU ARE ALIGNED IN YOUR BUSINESS - You will have at your fingertips a team to support you in your digital strategy, advertising, marketing, client mapping and mindset.

Define your niche http://niceniche.totalgenius.net

"You helped me to speak my message, defining who I am. the urgent problems I solve for people, and putting ME into my business. They go to my website, get sucked in, and that’s that! Thank you Shana!" - Angela Anderson, www.angelaanderson.life

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In 32 years in the business world, I have NEVER met anyone who is so gifted. Shana just gets it and makes it seem effortless - which, of course, it isn’t. Her brilliance is the result of a lifetime of learning, her deep expertise in her subject and her huge heart. Her understanding of her clients and their issues, and her instinct for what to do are superlative. If you haven’t yet worked with Shana, do it. Your business and life deserve her magic - her genius. - Sarah Blick, Life Fulfillment Strategist,Total Genius® Client

You seriously you up-leveled the perception to who I really am. Your hard work solved the problem of how to put all of my work together that took over a decade to create!!! Thank you!!!" — Dr. Meg Haworth, Holistic Psychologist & Nutritional Strategist, Total Genius® Client

I can not thank you enough. I am already seeing increased sales, and excitement amongst my clients. I am excited about my business again and have overcome many of the stresses, anxieties, and overwhelms of building a business. I would recommend you and your services to anyone. You have shown me that my own value and success were waiting just to be uncovered. 

- Brandy Baker, Guidance Goddess, Total Genius® Client

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What's we can do for you:

Total Genius is a strategic, personalized mastermind. We work 1:1 with each client to deliver you the solution that best fits your needs in your business. I offer a variety of services to build your business, including and not limited to:  

Strategic marketing consulting Branding - creative brand direction Copywriting Brand strategy SEO & Internet strategy Website Design & Upkeep Social Media Consulting Mind empowerment Collaboration and referrals to build a great team

As a collaborative, we utilize the best resources and partners to fit your style and personal needs. A successful business is based on a solid business foundation that utilizes your highest value and key strengths. We live and practice the belief that one size doesn’t fit all EVER and guarantee a project that fits.

 BONUSES!!! (because, why not?) :)



Get the strategic bible to conscious selling! You'll understand how selling is themost heartfelt and purposeful thing you can do - and how to capture the heart and mind (and wallets!) of your BBF Legacy Clients. 

You'll learn and understand that with every client you help, you change lives with your life. 


Capture your ideal client's attention by known the words, the structure, and the strategy to capture and convert your audience into paying clent.

You'll learn proven and effective strateies based on neuroscience, psychology, and human behavior to attract more prospects, have your ideal clients drooling even before you've finished your blog post webinar or presentation.

Having the right words will help you build credibility and status, even if you don't have a big following. 

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It's time to make a decision - is this going to be your time to finally lock in your success? 

If you're ready to STOP wasting countless hours and dollars trying to learn it all, and ready to TAKE CHARGE of your success and invest in your future...

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